Hit the Ground Running: Starting a Business in the UK

Starting a business is always tricky. Would-be entrepreneurs must be familiar with the corporate setting in which they hope to operate, including all relevant rules and regulations.

This is mostly seen as the case in the UK (especially London), which is known for its competitive business environment.

This website aims to help anyone seeking to establish a business in the UK. Readers can find all they need to know before embarking on this ambitious enterprise.

From tips on choosing the best locations to where to apply for needed government permits, this site will provide readers with everything they need to make their dream a reality.

Reasons for Registering a Sole Trader Over a Limited Company

11 Apr 2021

For startup businesses in the UK, a sole trader license is the most popular and most recommended. It is easier to register than a limited company. It also exempts the owner from paying PAYE tax as they are not deemed to be working for anybody.

Take Care of the Finances

8 Mar 2021

Finances are an essential part of starting a business. If you do not have the skills to do the book-keeping yourself, it is good to hire outside help. Also, as an entrepreneur, you might not have the time to do everything by yourself. Consider using an accountant or hiring an assistant.

The Most Popular Business Licenses in the UK

5 Feb 2021

In the UK, sole trader and limited companies are the two most popular types of licenses sought by business people. In the former, the person and business are legally recognized as one entity. In the limited company model, the business and the owner are different legal entities.